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IMGP4675in search of more rural life courses,

more and more frequently I spend my time on olive trees picking olives and cutting branches and milling a superfine extra virgin oil.




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On April 2013 Triennale open the 6th edition of design Museum entitled ‘influence syndrome’. an attitude typical of Italian design is the ability of assimilation, curiosity and the desire to compete with other languages ​​and cultures in order to start new projects and new processes. in one part of the exposition designers are called to interpret the message and the philosophy of brand they had a strict collaboration. My cube for Driade is a sort of machine that tells a story through images, is a network of steel pipes, which refers to the scaffolding of the yard, or to the press rotary, or even to an elaborate movie theca where the images, printed on translucent films, slide inside the metal grid by means of motorized rollers. In the space grid objects are inserted, chosen among the most symbolic of the immense repertoire: glass vases by Borek Sipek, tree flowerpot by Sejima, some prototype and moulds that give the rough idea of the dynamism of construction yard or the forge, or more specifically, the ‘creative powerhouse’. the images are modeled on the cultural plot and the context in which the brand has developed, covers of magazines are reproduced, books and interior manuals drafted by Driade in past years; portraits of collaborators, photographers, creatives and all the people who have given their intellectual contribution to the company. a series of small monitors present images of products in fast sequence, such as commercials spots that emphasize that this set of magmatic material and ideas has its synthesis in the finished product.